The Hottest Trends in Women’s Fashion for Summer 2014

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The summer is almost here and you are ready to show off with the trendiest outfits. You can readily follow the latest trends in women’s fashion for the summer of 2014 and add your own creative twist. Get started by checking out what is hot and what is not.

Full Skirts and Pencil Skirts

The vintage style has finally taken over and this is more than welcomed. The full skirts are among the trendiest of women’s garments for this summer. They are elegant and feminine. They are great for work and for all kinds of semi-formal and casual events. The ideal length is from just below the knee to right above the ankle. If you want something more girly and playful, you can go for a model with above-knee length.

The pencil skirts are also quite hip in 2014. They are super sleek and can make you look thinner and taller. The mid-ankle length is ideal, but you can always choose a shorter model if you want to show your gorgeous legs. One really important thing to note about skirts is that this summer they all have high waist.

Elegant Blouses

You can forget about the baggy tops which were trendy a year or so ago. Now it is all about feminine elegance and grace. The materials are light and breathable and this makes the blouses super comfy as well as elegant. These items come in all sorts of soft colors with white and pale pink being the most popular options. You can go for models with short or long sleeves or for sleeveless ones. The trendy necktie blouses are great for every day while the models with asymmetric cuts are ideal for casual outings.

Classy Suits

If you want to look super hip at work or even when you go shopping, you should consider a suit made up of skirt or pants and an elegant form-fitting jacket. The suit can be in dressy or casual style. The important thing is for the top and bottom to be perfect matches. The solid colors are always hip, but you can also consider suits with colorful floral or small geometric patterns.

Sporty Outfits

The tennis inspired dresses, skirts and tops are total hits in the summer of 2014. They offer the perfect combination between sexy, classy and elegant. Again, the white color rules the scene while blue, green and black are reserved for the edges and for the geometric decorative motifs. You can readily pair these items with casual sandals and with a varsity jacket.

Feminine Colors and Patterns

White, red, orange and pale pink are among the trendiest colors for this summer. Blue and green are also popular but not as much as previous years. The trendiest colors are beautiful and will certainly add an extra feminine touch to your look.

The floral patterns are highly stylized. You will see more leaves in solid colors rather than flower blossoms. The irregular geometric patterns remain super herb.

If the latest trends in women’s fashion for this summer have inspired you, it is time to go shopping.

Handbags – Women’s Fashion Accessories

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Fashion accessories help complete our entire look. Different kinds of accessories are being used to complement each wardrobe. A choice of accessory can make or break your entire look, therefore, it is important to choose carefully. One of the most popular accessories that most women used are handbags, these include fashionable handbags, pouches, sari and many others.

Handbags are used not only to complete your overall look, but they are also used for many purposes and a very useful means to keep your several belongings in one. Many people also use handbags to hide any sort of weakness of their outfit while allowing them selves to follow the latest trend. Above all, handbags make women feel comfortable and attractive, thus making them feel confident that they truly look good on other’s mind.

Today, there are so many handbags available in the market, from simple, sophisticated to elegant. Each latest trend of these purses have been brought by inspiration. Designers are working so hard to bring different fashion handbags with innovative styles, which makes them more appealing and demanding in the market today.

Each year, fashion keeps on changing, and so as styles and designs of handbags. These accessories have gone through a lot of changes to satisfy the needs and wants of different consumers. The most important thing about these fashionable add-ons is they help people carry their belongings with style.

Fashion handbags are not only good as a gift for yourself, but also gift to other people. There are different kinds of occasion where you can give handbag as a gift. It include birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduation day, mother’s day and many more. When you finally decide to invest a large amount of dollar for such gift, make sure you pick the real thing and not a cheap knock-off. Remember, there are flood of knock-offs today that seems to be real. Be careful and always check the quality of the bag.

Aside from designer handbags, there are also fashion purses yet are less expensive. If you want to carry your belongings with style, you may try other alternatives such as personalized handbags. Choose to personalize your accessory, be it a fabric or leather purse. Personalized bags can make a perfect gift idea as well. This not make your recipient feel special, but she will truly stand out carrying a unique, personalize purse.

If you’re really into something unique, there literally thousands of one of a kind crafted handbags and purses available in many online stores. This is a good new for those savvy women who are tired of the mass-produced offerings that are commonly displayed in shopping malls. Try personalized choices such as monogrammed tote bags, evening bags, clutches or even personalized cosmetic bags and duffle bags. These personalized accessories ables you to add your own touch. You can also add your own name or initials on the bags, or your friend’s name if you want to give it as a gift. Indeed, handbags are women’s best friends, and if you want to make a good impression to everyone, choose the one that best suits your personality. You can also apply this idea when buying handbags for loved ones and friends.

Women’s Fashions of the 19th Century – Regency and Victorian Clothing Styles

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 Women’s   fashions  of the 19th century can be divided into two basic categories – Regency and Victorian. The Regency era ushered in the century and is named after George Prince Regent of Britain who took over his father’s duties after George III fell into mental illness. The Victorian era refers to the time during the reign of Queen Victoria, crowned in 1837. The Victorian period of style lasted for the rest of the 19th century.

 Women’s   fashion  of the Regency era is typified by the Empire style dress; a high waisted dress made of lightweight fabrics based on classical Greek design. By 1825, waistlines lowered toward the natural waist and bodices became stiff, losing the softness of the early part of the century.  Women  began to wear corsets, a tight fitting undergarment that lasted throughout the 1800’s. Toward the end of the Regency era of  fashion , skirts took on an A-line or bell shape with ruffles, puffs, and padding at the hem in a look that is known as Romantic style, or Regency Romantic.

The advent of the tight fitting bodice and the accentuation of a tiny waist ushered in a new shift in skirts. Skirts took on a dome shape created by cartridge pleats so that the skirt stood out from the body. In the mid 1800’s, skirts widened, and were supported by petti-coats. Women took to wearing several layers of petticoats to attain greater volume. Crinoline were a form of petti-coat made of a stiff, heavy fabric. The crinoline cage created even more volume and characterized mid century Victorian fashion with the huge skirts pictured in films like “Gone With the Wind.”

Later in the century, skirts began to slim down. An over-skirt was added and drawn back create a puffed effect and draped down the back. This accentuation of the posterior was highlighted by a bustle. A bustle is a pad at the rear, supported by a waistband The exaggerated fashion trend increased in proportion until skirts took on a large, shelf-like appearance in 1880.

Toward the end of the 19th century, skirts slimmed down. Sleeves increased in size, ballooning at the top and tapering toward the wrists in what is called a leg-of-mutton sleeve. The corset fell out of favor, criticized as being unhealthy and unnatural to be replaced by the S bend corset, or health corset which created a new silhouette and new look for the Edwardian Age.

Summer Footwear Fashions for Women

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Two of the biggest footwear trends for women this spring and summer season are gladiator sandals, and espadrilles. This article will help you to understand how to wear these divergent styles with confidence and flair.

Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals are extremely popular, and can create a wonderful look when worn correctly, giving you a classical appearance that will never go out of fashion. These sandals can be a little tricky to wear, as when worn incorrectly can create a gothic sort of air, where none should be.

There are many different styles of gladiator shoe. They come in a variety of colours, materials, and lengths. Some finish at the ankle, others finish above the ankle, some are calf-length, while others are knee length. It is possible to buy sandals made from unique materials, such as faux fur or faux crocodile skin, and many come in a metallic looking material. Whatever your choice, these shoes can leave the wearer feeling elegant, sophisticated, and chic.

Sandals look great with short dresses or a pair of shorts, which make them the ideal choice of footwear for the summer months. When teaming sandals with shorts of skirts, you must ensure that you choose the appropriate height of sandal. Unless you are very tall, or very skinny, it is better to stick to shorter sandals that finish at or below the ankle, otherwise, you risk making yourself appear stout and stocky. In general, the shorter the skirts, the higher you can go with your sandals, but never opt for knee-high sandals if you are short or plump.

If you want to create an elegant evening look, then team a pair of faux crocodile or metallic gladiator sandals with an evening dress, this will add flair to your outfit and is perfect in an informal to semi-formal setting.

With strictly informal settings, then gladiators look great with a relaxed pair of jeans or a tailored pair of trousers. Here, stick to the traditional styles, in leathers of black or brown.


Espadrilles originate from the Pyrenees, they have a canvas or cotton upper with a thickly woven rope sole. They normally sport a rounded toe, and the uppers are short, although it is possible to find some variation on the theme. The uppers vary greatly in design; they come in a wide range of colours and patterns. Because the shoes are so lightweight, they are seen, by many, as summer shoes. Espadrilles tend to be associated with the upper classes, particularly those who love to sale; therefore, this style of shoes will add elegance to practically any style of clothing.

Espadrilles tend to be for use within informal settings. They create a relaxed, yet elegant look, when teamed with a pair of skinny jeans and graphic tee, adding an extra flair to your everyday clothes. They also suit short skirts and shorts perfectly, because they have a lower upper, this means that they tend to create a look which elongates the legs, and gives the impression that you are slimmer than you are – perfect if you feel a little self conscious in your summer wardrobe. You can elongate your legs further by opting for a wedge espadrille too.

Jewelry Trends for the Fashion Inspired Woman

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Most women are quite knowledgeable about their wardrobe essentials, the little black dress, the perfect pair of pumps, eye catching makeup… But you can’t make the proper statement without the right piece of jewelry. For many women, jewelry is a trendsetting status symbol that defines who you are and what you like. Woman invest a significant amount of time and money in their appearance. For most, jewelry is another way to look and feel beautiful. Choosing the right piece of jewelry to compliment your wardrobe is a satisfying experience.

Jewelry is also a status symbol for many. Many people have associated expensive and sparkling diamond jewelry with a wealthier social class. Members of the royal families are often seen with fine jewelry strewn across their bodies. Those who are materialistic and judgmental understand that a fine piece of jewelry can truly enhance their social standing.

Many women will purchase expensive pieces of jewelry to demonstrate their wealth. However, with the large influx of imitation sterling silver and gold jewelry being sold, it is becoming more difficult to define the true value of one’s jewelry.

It is no secret that jewelry is a woman’s most favorite gift. Women value and love to wear jewelry that is sentimental to them. Whether it is a gift from a loved one, a holiday gift or just a memory from a specific time, women will continuously favor their jewelry that has sentimental value.

Jewelry isn’t limited to 14 karat gold and diamonds anymore. Sterling silver jewelry and costume jewelry are becoming more and more popular. Rising prices of gold have paved the way for many other fashionable accessories. While gold jewelry symbolizes wealth, fashion jewelry is so much more versatile and cheaper. Costume jewelry allows the wearer to truly express their individuality.

Wanting to look good is a basic human tendency. If you want to look good, it’s important that you match the right accessories to your clothes. Therefore, it is important to do research. Find out the latest trends in jewelry by perusing fashion shows and magazines. You must get an idea of what is fashionable and how it fits in with your wardrobe. Looking good doesn’t necessarily involve spending a lot of money. Fashion jewelry is great for a tight budget and keeping up with the ever changing styles. Some pieces of costume jewelry are high quality replicas; no one will know they aren’t real.

Women’s Business Fashion -7 Ways to Liven Up a Basic Black Wardrobe

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Women, basic black is a wonderful start to your business wardrobe. Once you buy basic black pants, skirts and jackets, it simplifies your wardrobe. It doesn’t require much thought to grab something from your wardrobe in the morning, and no one knows for sure if you are wearing the same items over and over again.

But when you want a bit of a lift, and want to avoid looking like you are headed to a funeral, you’ll want to break up the monotony and add a spark of color to cheer you up.

Here are 7 ways to liven up your basic black professional wardrobe.

1. Add the panache of metallics, which are so big right now. Loop a chunky gold or silver chain around your neck, or slip a large bangle on your wrist.

2. Throw an animal print scarf around your neck, or buckle an animal-print belt around your waist.

3. Add a pop of color with a red or yellow patent handbag, or a patent belt.

4. Add a bit of texture, like a nubby wool sweater, or a great tweed jacket, to your basic black dress or sweater and pants.

5. Wear your favorite color shirt or sweater with your black jacket. A splash of red or pink under your jacket does wonders to liven up your complexion and make you glow.

6. Wear a choker of pearls or colored beads to add interest to a low neckline. Play with the color and design of chucky jewelry to add a unique accent to your outfit.

7. Test a color you wouldn’t normally wear, in a small dose. Taxi yellow or lime green are fun to wear in limited doses.

Modest Clothing for Today’s Fashionable Woman

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The way the media presents women and fashion, one might think that there is an inherent contradiction between being both fashionably trendy and modest at the same time. Many women, both young and mature, seek to have fun with fashion and express themselves as the modern women they are while staying true to their personal convictions of modesty and femininity. Today’s women do not have to compromise either desire nor do they have to blow their budgets to get the high design looks they love to wear.

Modest clothing is not about looking frumpy or wearing out-of-date fashions. It’s about cute tops, fun prints creatively and stylishly mixed and layered, fun and flirty bows and ruffles, and sparkling accessories. It’s about enjoying the best of today’s fashion trends and making them your own to express your joy in being a unique individual. It’s about attracting the attention you want to attract in the way you want to attract it. It’s young and hip, modern and professional, making a statement of quality and style.

Savvy fashion and cost-conscious women create designer looks with popular branded pieces reflecting the newest trends in high fashion and high quality at affordable prices. Blending discount priced fashions and accessories with higher priced wardrobe staples offer a refined designer style without the designer prices. Mix and match layering of tops, bottoms, and modest dresses in the season’s trendiest colors, prints, and styles allows a few pieces to go a long way to suit any occasion from school, to work, to church, casual to evening for a complete, affordable and fashionable wardrobe.

Women’s Fashion in a Downhill Economy

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Whether its food or fashion, women enjoy spending top dollar on their favorite item especially when it comes to styles and beauty. Since the economy tumbled back in March of 2009 many beauty retailers from salons to top brand cosmetic lines thought that most women would cut back on spending. However the down hill trend of spending took a drastic turn during the late spring or 2009. Many economists found that the beauty concept played an active role in most female lifestyles which caused them to do maintenance on their own rather than seeking their normal beauty agent or hairstylist. However some spa and beauty salons found many customers could not stay away despite the fact that their income was cut back drastically.

When it comes to retail like hair care and cosmetics, it’s a 4 billion dollar industry along with stylish essentials like jewelry, hair and nails. Hair maintenance is a service that most women have done regularly but when hard times occur like job loss, then the consumer look to the affordability of drugs stores or department stores that carry hair and nail products rather than professional hair salons. When jobs are cut back and income is reduced its been said that a women enjoys keeping up her appearance and she will find a way to still be able to maintain her beauty accessories by perhaps selling what she normally buys.

Women’s fashion is a top commodity these days it’s really making an impact on the economy. Despite the economy women are finding new ways to continue to purchase their beauty essentials by making extra residual income to accommodate their restricted budget. Women have found extra residual income to help finance their fashion trend. Some of the opportunities that women have achieved led them to direct selling full-time. Direct selling has been around for centuries, meaning long time ago many exchanged their services for items rather than money. While now there are many programs of direct selling that allow you to host jewelry parties for free items that you do not have to purchase instead you are rewarded with gifts for the new customers you sign up. Another great direct selling has been offered as a hobby that you like doing instead your getting paid for it this includes having a cosmetic party to showing people how to crocheting a fashionable scarf.

The economy for women has been viewed as getting better, the sales for March 2010 has improved drastically with top of the line cosmetic brands reaching an all new 52 week high on the stock market. However with the economy beginning to improve some women are finding that their hours of employment have improved. Luckily they realize that they will continue to keep their second job of direct selling simply due to the success of making it happen on their own.

Spring 2007 Fashion For Plus Size Women

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Spring 2007 is here. If you’ve got flab you’d like to hide, this is your season. Tight fitting clothes are out. Loose clothes are in. That means, clothes are so much more forgiving this season, with plenty of room to hide that extra pint of ice cream you’d just eaten.

Some of the new clothes, though loose are best avoided. You want to hide the excess, not make your hips look even bigger than they are. That means a tulips skirt is out.. that is unless you have a really small waist.

A look I particularly like at the Spring 2007 shows in Milan is the wrap top over loose pants. It skims the figure, hides the flab and less than perfect legs yet hints at curves with subtle sexuality. Another look for spring that is forgiving on real women is the slouchy dress. Yet another is the baby doll long dress with a high waist, but flows loosely to the hem of the skirt. Watch out for huge, puffy sleeves though. They might make you appear even larger than you are. Then again, you might be able to carry them off. Try them and scrutinize yourself in the changing room before you decide whether to adopt that look this Spring.

If you have flabby arms, then indulge in those dresses with long sleeves. I saw some gorgeous ones that skim the figure forgivingly and hide the arms completely. Dresses like these would give a svelte illusion.

Also great for plus size women is the A-line trench coat. That is the most flattering cover all you can buy as it hides the flab and hints and a womanly figure.

One problem with loose dresses is that any hint of tummy might have people think you’re pregnant. Avoid that embarrassment by wearing tummy control shapewear []. It’ll make a world of difference.

To update your wardrobe for Spring 2007, you need these.

  • Loose pants in a neutral color
  • A slouchy dress
  • A belt to define your waist
  • Shapewear
  • A flowing long dress with bell sleeves
  • A wrap top
  • A trench coat [] that is either A-line or one that is belted at the waist.

5 Fashion Tips For Plus Size Women

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While I am not a fashion icon, I do have a sense of style. Even if I did not have a sense, of style, I still have an opinion. I know that as plus size women, you may already be insecure about your weight. The key is to make clothing choices that will make you look good. If you are already insecure, the last thing you want to do is where clothing that will create unwanted or unflattering attention. I have created a list fashion tips that will help you look good will you work to reach your goal weight.

Tip #1 – Wear The Right Bra

If you top heavy, please be sure to where the right bra. It should be one that will lift and give your breast a natural round shape. This can usually be accomplished with an underwire bra. It is extremely important that you buy the right size to ensure a comfortable fit and to avoid bulging. Buying a good quality bra is also important. Try the bra on before your purchase it to make sure it will give your the desired look.

Tip #2 – Select Long (length) Shirts

This is a popular fashion faux pas for plus size women. While finding a shirt in the right size may be difficult at times, that is not an excuse to buy a shirt that is too short. For some odd reason, some women will buy a shirt that barely hangs below waist level. As a result, when she raises her arms or bends over, her flesh is exposed. I am sure these women do not want to show off their love handles. The avoid this issue, buy longer shirts. The length of your shirt should at least come to the middle of your hips. This will give your several extra inches to work with. It also allows you to move without the fear of exposing your flesh to a group of gawking onlookers.

Tip #3 – Avoid Low Riders

For years, we have seen pot belly men walking around with their pants snuggly buckled below their bulging belly. Over the past few years, we have seen a similar phenomena occur with women. Mostly due, in part to the popularity of low riding pants. While the style looks great when you have the waist line for it, it less flattening when you have the “muffin top” effect. Buy pants that will fasten around your waist at the belly button level. Yes, that may mean buying a bigger size, but the you will look better and the fit is probably more comfortable.

Tip #4 – Avoid Extra Tight Clothes

I know that it is hard for some of us to admit that we have gained a little weight. We still hang on to the idea of wearing tight clothes that shows off our figures. The problem is that every shape is not flattering. Some curves are just in the wrong places and honestly are not deserving of the spotlight. Showing every lump and bump of your figure leaves very little to the imagination. Avoid these “TMI” moments by buying looser fitting clothes, that will complement your figure.

Tip #5 – Highlight Your Best Features

We have all heard the phrase “focus on the positive”. Well the same idea works with our choice of clothing. Highlight your best assets, instead of bringing atttention to your less flattering features. If your arms are your best features, don’t be afraid to show them. Find the clothes, colors and accessories that complement you. Take pride in yourself and how your present yourself to the world. When you do this, you overall appearance is improved. You will feel more confident and it will show.