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December 28, 2019


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Top Tips for Getting a Car Title Loan

Car title loans are similar to other types of loans in that they are designed to augment your finances. These loans are now obtainable from either physical or online providers. The process of getting car title loans is generally simpler and faster either way, reason why more and more borrowers are going this route.

So how do you define a car title loan? In a nutshell, it is a loan secured against a car title acting as collateral. In short, as a borrower, you will be handing over your car’s ownership to your lender until you have repaid your loan in full. But definitely, even if that sounds easy as cake, there are some basic issues you need to look into before forwarding an application.

Payment Terms

This is the most critical part of car title loans that you have to be familiar with before taking a step further.

Know how much interest you have to pay, the exact amount of monthly payments you need to make, and the number of months it would take for you to pay off the loan. When it comes to loans, you can’t afford surprises.

Prepayment Charges

When considering applying for a car title loan with a certain lender, ask them if there will be a penalty for paying off your loan early. With some companies, you do have to pay a penalty for paying off your loan much sooner than agreed upon, so don’t forget to check on that before applying.

Understanding the Process

Many lending companies course the application process on the Internet exclusively, while others give you the option to apply traditionally as well if they have a physical office. Online is clearly easier and results (approved or denied) will be known more quickly.

Using Your Car
Some car title loan providers will let you drive your car as usual for the entire duration of your loan. They may require you to meet up with them from time to time or install a tracking device in your vehicle so they know where you are in case you default. Then again, some companies will actually take possession of your car while you pay off your loan.

Business License

One of the things you might take for granted – but shouldn’t – is that the lender you choose must have a license to operate locally. This is because regulations that impact car loan requirements usually vary from one area to another. Besides, using a licensed lender will guarantee you of a forum for your grievances; otherwise, you can only hope for the best.

Comparing Loan Providers

Lasty, don’t feel restricted to one potential lender when you’re planning to get a car title loan. More lenders means more freedom in choosing the car loan product that works best for you.

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