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January 10, 2020


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Wood for Deck: How to Find the Best One

There are a wide selection of different wood varieties for homeowners to choose from, how will you be able to decide which one is the best one for your deck? The first thing to consider is that the wood that you wish to use in your deck should be able to withstand the harsh elements and the various conditions brought by the four seasons.Read on to learn about some things you should consider when you are looking for wood lengths for sale to be used as decking.

First off, let us talk about the two major classifications of wood which is softwood and hardwood, softwoods such as cedar, redwood, and treated pine are perfect for outdoor purposes as these woods are insect and moisture resistant. They grow at a rapid rate and are easy to work with and can be tooled and sanded without any issues due to them being less dense than hardwood, though it is worth noting that not all softwoods perform well as outdoor deck material. Hardwoods grow much slower than softwoods but are much denser, stronger, and more durable and decks made out of these will surely last you for years and years to come. Ipe, tigerwood, cumaru, and garapa are excellent hardwoods to use for decks as they can stand strong for twenty to forty years is well maintained. These woods are also weather and insect resistant which makes them perfect materials to be used in various outdoor projects.

The next for you to take into consideration the specific qualities of the wood that you want and which is more important for you, be it strength, cost, longevity, or its aesthetic. If you plan on using a low cost wood that is still great for outdoor applications then you can opt for treated pine, but if you plan on using hardwood then garapa wood is the best in terms of decking. Treated pine might be the more economical option, but garapa wood is guaranteed to outlive treated pine by about ten years minimum. Taking the number one spot for being the strongest wood would be garapa lumber. Ipe lumber is the strongest and most durable lumber you can find in this case as it is known to last for over forty years and carry loads of about 70lbs per cubic feet. Cumaru and tigerwood are also great decking options as these hardwoods can last you for over 25 years. Tigerwood is the best option for those who are seeking for a beautiful wood to use for their deck, it has a rich golden brown and hints of deep red coloration and dark streaks that run across its surface hence the name, this wood has a certain elegance to it.

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